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     Michael Douglas owns the screen once again as Nicholas Van Orton, a millionaire whose life doesn't add up to much more than the number and figures he stares at blankly every night on the news.  He has forgotten what a gift his life is, how lucky he is to be breathing and walking about like a snobbish heifer.  But when his brother gives him "The Game,"  his life takes new meaning becuase it is threatened to the point that he wakes up in a coffin in Mexico with no ID and just no money at all.  The twists and turns of the film cause the mind and cognitive processes to bend along with them until you're just as surprised as Nicholas at the amazing conclusion.  The film drips suspense and atmosphere.  The action comes with fury and if you don't hold on, it'll leave you behind.  Douglas again delivers a spellbinding performance - we cannot take our eyes off of him as he quickly descends into The Game.  Director David Fincher plays everything for thrills, letting the mystery surround and engulf the characters and the audience.  It's a true classic of the genre and an underrated exercise in evoking fear and confusion on a grand scale.

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