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All that glitters hurts my soul and knocks my funny bone around...

Glitter is awful.  It has some of the worst acting that you could ever fear to witness.  And it's just like that, like you have witnessed an awful car accident.  It horrible, the tragedy caused at the hands of unskilled motorists, but you always have to watch.  Glitter is a car wreck of a movie.  Mariah Carey kills all hope of an acting career in one corny swoop.  She has little if any skill at the trade.  It's just your average star gets a movie because she's famous movie.  But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And his name is Dice.  No, not Andrew Dice Clay, just some shmo in leather pants who calls himself shmo.  He drops and picks up a New York accent with the slightest of ease (like an idiot on the flying trapeze).  I can't help but laugh at this movie.  It's so bad that's it's bad.  You thought I was going to say good, but laughs in a melodrama do not good movies make.

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