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     Moonlight Mile deals with familiar issues, but in a new way.  Grief has been part of cinematic history for decades, but Moonlight Mile brings a genuine voice to the plate.  The director/writer based his script off of his real life experiences surrounding the murder of his fiance.  His writing is snappy and humorous, but he doesn't neglect the great dramatic monologues that separate the real deals from the wannabes.  Jake Gyllenhaal proves again to be one of the premiere young actors in the business today.  He layers the lead with the sorrow and aimlessness that the role cried out for, but, much like in his role as Donnie Darko, he shows the rare ability to say utterly sarcastic lines with the wit and control actual people his age show.  Dustin Hoffman again plays a showy role, but he's suited to this one.  His rambling, much like that of every other role he has played, rings true.  His scene where he breaks down crying is particularly affecting and should be attached to his career highlight reel.  Susan Sarandon plays the mother of the deceased with a feistiness and conviction that she has utilized in many of her on screen roles.  Her character is flashy as weel, but she keeps the character grounded in reality with her mannerisms and control of her meaty dialogue.  The film has a lot to say about love and truth and all sorts of good themes, so give it a chance and rent it sometime.  If you're really desparate, you can steal it from my humble collection, it's that important to watch.

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