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Because I love movies so much, I often check out several sites daily for the latest in reviews, news, and merchandise. Check them out.

A Ballad Alchemy on Ampcast.com

The best band you've never heard of has songs for easy listening on this site.  Check them out and thank me later.


Homestarrunner.com (Homestar's the eye candy, stick around for Strong Bad)

This is the funniest site on the web.  Seriously, folks, it's funny.  Still don't believe me?  Well, I'm a pretty trustworth young fellow.  At times, I have been known to be absolutely correct in my opinions.  If you think I am wrong, it's because you're close minded.  Have some of that, punk.  You heard me, punk.  I called you a punk, and I'd do it again.

rotten tomatoes

If you want to know the latest news in movies and whatnot, this site has your number.  If you want movie reviews from major papers, websites, and whatnot, check Rotten Tomatoes out.  If pop up ads give you a sharp pain in your brain, tread elsewhere, my friend. 

entertainment weekly

I use the site for box office info. every week.  Neat, huh?  The site has moved into a magazine subscribers only routine, which is meant to get you to subscribe.  Fight the urge and visit Premiere Magazine, also a favorite link of mine.

Roger Ebert's reviews

I used to think Roger Ebert sucked, then I changed my mind.

premiere magazine

Check out some swell movie stuff, man.

rolling stone magazine

Like music?  Like movies?  Forget what you like?  Rolling Stone Magazine's website could possibly be the site for you (or not for you).

Internet Movie Database

Internet Movie Database is the site for movie lovers and movie haters alike (well, not really for haters, but I was trying to show that a lot of people could like the site).  Find user reviews, movie quotes, cast and crew credits, and the kitchen sink.