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As one might suspect, the only films eligible for my consideration are the ones I have seen.

I chose the nominees I would have picked if people cared what I thought. What a wonder world that would be...

Winners in red

Barry Pepper in 25th Hour is my pick for Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actor
Chris Cooper - Adaptation
Barry Pepper - 25th Hour
Christopher Walken - Catch me if you Can
Phillip Seymour Hoffman - 25th Hour
Robin Williams - Insomnia

Wish I could have Tom Hanks - Catch me if you Can
Jude Law - Road to Perdition
Paul Newman - Road to Perdition
Brian Cox - 25th Hour

Meryl Streep in Adaptation is my pick for Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actress
Claire Danes - Igby Goes Down
Emily Watson - Punch Drunk Love
Meryl Streep - Adaptation
Julianne Moore - The Hours
Rosario Dawson - 25th Hour

Wish I could have Meryl Streep - The Hours
Amanda Peet - Igby Goes Down

Kieran Culkin in Igby Goes Down is my pick for Best Actor

Best Actor
Nicolas Cage - Adaptation
Leonardo Dicaprio - Catch me if you Can
Kieran Culkin - Igby Goes Down
Adam Sandler - Punch Drunk Love
Ben Affleck - Changing Lanes

Wish I could have Edward Norton - 25th Hour
Tom Hanks - Road to Perdition
Richard Gere - Unfaithful

Nicole Kidman in The Hours is my pick for Best Actress

Best Actress
Nicole Kidman - The Hours
Diane Lane - Unfaithful
Meryl Streep - The Hours
Jodie Foster - Panic Room
Franke Potente - The Bourne Identity

Best Director
Spike Lee - 25th Hour
Spike Jonze - Adaptation
Roger Michell - Changing Lanes
Sam Mendes - Road to Perdition
P.T. Anderson - Punch Drunk Love

Wish I could have Burr Steers - Igby Goes Down
Christopher Nolan - Insomnia

Adaptation is my pick for Best Picture

Best Picture
Igby Goes Down
Road to Perdition
Changing Lanes
Punch Drunk Love

That's right, punk, I pick who I want.