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     "Memento" is not the best noir film.  It's not the best mystery.  It is one of the best peices of storytelling ever set to film.  So, take a couple hours and watch an amazing story.
     It's hard to keep a viewer's head spinning anymore.  Twists have been around since people told stories and we (but certainly not me), as viewers, are beginning to notice patterns.  So when I watched "Memento" and left the room with my head still spinning, I knew I had just witnessed something special.
     Sure, the film relies heavily on a gimmick to hold it together, but that didn't bother me.  I bought the whole thing the whole way.  
     Along that golden path, Christopher Nolan shows the utmost skill in weaving characters and events together.  He sends us for a ride, but not the one we're used to seeing.  Nothing blows up.  There isn't a bomb on a bus, elevator, or boat.  The story is the wild ride, and it is undoubtedly one worth taking.
     Guy Pearce disappears into the role of Leonard, but not because the director told him or he was paid to (althought I imagine that played into it).  He became a character because he's a truly talented actor. 
     Joe Pantoliano and Carrie-Anne Moss deliver superb supporting performances and Nolan shows a knack for stylish visuals. 


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