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Number 3 0f 15


     The best part of "Adaptation" is the fact that Nicolas Cage acts, and acts very, very well.  The performance of both Charlie and Donald Kaufman should go down as one of the best, but it will be swept under the rug with all the other off-beat gems that find their way into the mainstream.  The fact that he creates two separate, but equally interesting characters should have won him the Oscar.  His performance heads a cast of talented individuals including Chris Cooper, Meryl Streep, Brian Cox, Ron Livingston, and Tilda Swinton. 
     Chris Cooper always entertains, but he also surprises, along with his character, with unexpected emotion and vunerability.  He gets most of the great lines in the movie, but he's more than just a pop culture reference.  He's one of the most unique film characters of our time.
     Meryl Streep is solid as always, but she shines in scenes where her comedic timing and grace are placed on display.  Who knew the most critically successful dramatic actress of our time was funny?  I do...now.
     Where "Being John Malkovich" was polarizing and disappointing, "Adaptation" is bewautiful and odd and just plain satisfying.


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