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     I keep hearing from other reviewers how much they do not like Changing Lanes.  I think it is one of the best films that I have ever seen.  It deals with the true duality of human nature, but not for laughs, for real, earned revelation.  We see the paths that Affleck and Jackson could have gone down, see the edge of decency they teeter over, the primal leanings our logic tends to take upon conflict.  The situations are played with believable conviction by both leads, each one of them infusing different shades into their characters.  The shades contrast from the typical Affleck/Jackson roles.  They each embody something different and new, but they never stray from reality.  The film contains terrific monologues by both leads, amazing cinematography, and subtle direction from Roger Michell.  For once, a film ends on a high note that is both uncontrived and satisfying.

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