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Dude, Where's Any Resemblence of Comedy Within this Repetitive Drivel Attempting to Pass off as a Funny Diversion From Every day Life?

Dude, Where's my Car? is not good. It's not okay. It's not even fair. It isn't funny in a dumb way, or any way for that matter. I sat through the first twenty minutes of this movie in the theater and did not laugh once. I couldn't muster a smirk. The only comedic device this movie attempts is the repetition of "funny" lines. Over and over again, the characters repeat their lines. Each time after the first is like a metal spike being thrust into your eye, being removed, and then thrust harder again. I walked out of this movie. I have never done that for any movie before or after this movie. I'm warning you, do not attempt to enjoy this movie. It can only end in failure.

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