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Giovanni Ribisi is an actor of extreme talent. He may be best know for his guest starring work on shows like Friends and The Wonder Years. Less known is his work in movies like Boiler Room, SubUrbia, The Other Sister, and Saving Private Ryan, the latter mostly due to the flashier stars in featured roles. Ribisi has the rare ability to pull off a breakdown with complete believability. Wade. his character in Saving Private Ryan, had a scene where he...!!!!SPOILER!!!!...died. He went for broke with his fast chattering and convulsing body. The fear in his eyes burned itself onto my retinas. As he called out for his mother, you wanted her to come running to him. It was heart breaking. The true measure of his abilities as an actor came earlier in the same movie when all the soldiers were talking late at night in a church. He told a story about faking being asleep when his mother came home late from work. His dramatic pauses, his soft voice, and demeanor - all these things led to a real performance of a scene that could have easily come off as corny or overly sentimental. He also has a scene in Boiler room where his character Seth breaks down during a conversation with his father. His voice breaks, his tears are real. It's a truly powerful scene. In SubUrbia, Ribisi's character, Jeff, finds out...!!!!SPOILER!!!!...from his buddy that he killed a woman earlier. This pushes Seth into a mad, paranoid state of mind. He looks absolutely terrified as he nears the van where the woman's body supposedly lies. Once again, Ribisi's fear is completely accessible to the audience. He's an incredibly neurotic open book.

recommended Giovanni Ribisi performances:
Boiler Room
The Other Sister
Saving Private Ryan

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