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Cole Hauser has been a good actor for awhile, but that hasn't kept the media from shying away from recognizing his talent. He's been in Good Will Hunting, but he only had a supporting part that many will have forgotten by now. His best part was as the mercenary Johns in Pitch Black where he lended his considerable ability to the ensemble cast. He was a sometimes nice guy, sometimes creepy man with a gun bent on finding a way to succeed at helping himself. He was a bully. His best scene in the movie was during a conversation he had with Fry (Radha Mitchell) during which he tried to run the group. He yelled and gave dangerous glares. He was threatening when he wasn't being cool. It was a role he'd do well to try to duplicate in another form in another movie. He did just that in Hart's War. He played a friendly prisoner in a POW camp in Nazi Germany. He seemed pretty chummy until some black officers came into camp. It was then that his character played the part of the bully that he had shown an aptitude towards in Pitch Black. He became brutal and two-faced. It was his character that shaped the way the plot was layed out. He also had a small part in School Ties as a classmate of a tormented Jewish football player. He was part of a "who's who" of young actors of the time including Chris O'Donnell, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Brendan Fraser. It was in this film that he met buddies Affleck and Damon. He didn't particularly stand out, but he complemented the other leads marvelously. Sooner or later, hollywood is going to catch on and give this guy the great starring roles he deserves.  

recommended Cole Hauser performances:
Pitch Black
Hart's War
Good Will Hunting
School Ties

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