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Brian Cox will probably always be a groomsman and never a groom. He has turned in some of the best supporting performances of the past few years, but his notoriety will never grant him the flashy leading role he deserves. He was simply fantastic as Monty Brogan's (Edward Norton) father in 25th Hour. He is forced to deal with the fact that his only son and child is one day away from a eight year term in prison for drug dealing. He has to deal with the fact that the son he loves without ceasing has fallen into a different way of life than he had pictured for him. He is always touching and endearing. He always seems as though he's one word away from dropping a tear, but he won't because he wants to be strong for his son. His best scene comes in the form of a monologue that has the distinction of being the last spoken words of the movie. The whole thing goes too long and is the only glaring flaw of the film. That means I shouldn't like it, but I find myself loving it for how beautifully spoken and profound it is. It's a showcase for Cox. He also excells in his limited but juicy role as the screenwriting seminar guru in Adaptation. He gets to be obnoxious and obtuse in a flashy way that delivers on its promise. Cox is brilliant in it. Other than that, he's moonlighted as a supporting character in films that include Rob Roy, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Ring, The Bourne Identity, Rushmore, Chain Reaction, Kiss the Girls, and Braveheart. He steals many of the scenes he's in and does so effortlessly.

recommended Brian Cox performances:
25th Hour
Rob Roy
The Bourne Identity
The Ring

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