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Be afraid, very afraid...but not of the evil in the movie, instead flee from the evil of the movie.

Blair Witch, the first movie, was unique and creepy, really, genuinely creepy.  Because it was presented in such a believable manner, the scares were good and...well, scary.  Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows was not scary.  It was bad.  Scary bad, but not scary.  The plot is so loose and half baked that the writers probably had trouble following the plot.  I know I did.  The funny thing is that I didn't want to follow it after about seven minutes.  It was that bad that early.  Needless gore, nudity, and violence is thrown in to be needless.  The first film was as good as it was because of what you didn't see.  The second film was as bad as it was because of what you did see...and hear...and felt internally.  It pained me to watch it. 

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